21 Timberwolves Predictions

Dedicated to the KG. Keep it real!


W i n t e r


1) The Wolves will make the playoffs.


It has been a long, long time since Minnesota has graced the scene of the postseason. This year, I am feeling that the group will be hungry for that streak to end. Let’s go Wolves!


2) Karl Anthony-Towns will be an All-Star.


The new age of Wolves basketball will come to realization after KAT shows the league that his Rookie year was just a springboard for what will be a stellar career. No sophomore slump for Towns, who will be by-and-large the best option for Minnesota.


3) Ricky Rubio will not be traded.


As has been evident in the offseason, Kris Dunn has not destroyed all competition in his path. I like Dunn’s game a lot, and he will turn into a really solid player in time. Rubio, who has had a few horrendous injury years, needs that solid backup just in case… Rubio getting a few nights off, or playing about 28-35 minutes a game, I think, is ideal. But, with 4 point guards on the roster, the most likely player to be traded is…

4) Tyus Jones.


This was a big summer for Tyus. He showed in summer league that with a mostly motley crew of players that his game, on a level with equal competition, can play higher than what his 3rd string role is plateauing at. Barring an injury in the first month to Dunn or Rubio, Tyus will be traded before the deadline. The Wolves elected to keep John Lucas III on the roster, which provides them an insurance PG for this scenario to come to fruition.


5) Zach Lavine will hit 170 3 pointers this year.


With the reins firmly in Lavine’s hands to be the Wolves’ SG, he will pop-off this year for a career best. Lavine hit 123 long-shots last year. He is way better than Wiggins, who only hit 57. Let’s say that both numbers need to go up for Minnesota to succeed.


6) Wiggins stymies criticisms with a better rebounding year.


In 2015/16, Wiggins has averaged 3.6 rebounds a game. That is woefully low for a SF who is about 6’8. This year, Wiggins tops the 5 RPG mark. Getting him good graces with pundits and fans alike.


7) Shabazz Muhammed is traded


A prime target, albeit undersized for SF, and not quite good enough defensively for SG, Muhammed may find himself on the trade shelf with Tyus Jones. Packaged together I can see both players flipped for picks…because..


8) Nemanja Bjelica plays a much larger role than originally forecasted.


A larger Shooting Forward? Has playmaking skills? Affordable contract? Thibodeau defensive hounding? Bjelica checks off all the boxes. His issue, last year, was adjusting to the NBA game. I still see the former Euroleague MVP working his way into the rotation consistently to start the year, but after a month, and with improvement, defensively especially, I think he has the opportunity to play more than Muhammed, thus opening up the trade market for assets, rather than players.


9) Gorgui Dieng averages 10/8/2


Dieng really played better the second half of the year after some time meshing with Towns. Now that they know what to do when switching on defense, the combo will prove to be much more efficient. He also hit 6 three’s last year. This year: 15.


10) Nikola Pekovic will not play a game.


Already confirmed. Hell yea.

He will also be given the stretch provision after the season, thus ending his NBA career.


11) Minnesota will have a positive road record.


Thibs will make sure that the important part to make the playoffs is protecting home court, and winning more on the road than losing. The Wolves follow in suit.


12) Kevin Garnett will join the Wolves as an adviser.


13) Andrew Wiggins will average another season over 20 PPG.


Which will be two in a row for the young scorer. If he can up his 3PT %, which I believe he will, he, joining Towns, will both average 20 PPG.


14) Adrien Payne will not be with Minnesota next year.


His option was not picked up, making him a UFA at the end of the season. Payne has not demonstrated a real knack for the game. He floats, rebounds poorly, and has a very streaky offensive game. In limited minutes he has shown some promise, but apparently not enough.


15) Kris Dunn will average under 10 PPG and less than 4 APG while shooting under 35% from the field.


His rookie season will not be super. Dunn can help himself out by working hard to understand the speed of the game. The shot will naturally get better. Unless you’re Rubio. I mean, even Rubio has improved marginally…


16) You will forget that Jordan Hill and Cole Aldrich play for Minnesota.


They will only be used in the backup role anyways…


17) Minnesota will win 47 games this year.


Placing them as the 8th seed?


18) Minnesota will lose in the first round of the playoffs, 4-0.


I just don’t see them competing with the top tier talent. It will be a formative year for this team.


19) I will be the only writer for DailyTWolves.


All others have forsaken this website.


20) Towns will earn 60 double-doubles.


Hell yea.


21) The Spirit of KG lives on.