Wolves rush out to 30 point lead, hold on to win 117-107

by KoCF

Andrew Wiggins was amazing tonight. After a rough start to the season his last two have been two of the best games of his short NBA career. He was aggressive all night on both sides of the ball and hit some incredibly tough shots to close out the game. Also he almost murdered Paul Millsap via dunk on a give and go with Karl Anthony-Towns.

The Twolves came out on fire tonight. The ball was moving, our defense was suffocating, and we forced a very good Atlanta hawks team into turning the ball over a bunch and capitalized by scoring 21 fastbreak points on the night. At the half we were up by 30 on a 7-1 hawks team who hadn't lost a game since their first. We did this largely on the back of our young players. Zach Lavine was not trash tonight. He played smart, made good decisions on offense, was excellent on the break, and he moved the ball well, he may have a future in the NBA. Nemanja Bjelica continued to show his excellent feel for the game on the offensive side of the ball. And Karl is still looking like the best player by far out of his draft class(And he's actually good!).

Then the third quarter happened. Our talent showed in the first half but in the 3rd quarter it was our youth that showed. Atlanta's defense tightened up, we turned the ball over a ton and their offense came to life after only scoring 42 points in the first half. They matched that in the 3rd quarter alone and going into the 4th the score was 93-84. Only a 9 point game after we had been up by over 30 points. In the 4th coach Mitchell decided to leave the bench out there way too long and didn't have towns and Rubio out there until a little under the 7 minute mark at which point Atlanta was in the middle of a run and was closing in on the Timberwolves until finally with about the 4 and a half minute mark when Paul Millsap completed a tough 3 point play over Karl Anthony-Towns and it was tied at 105. Then Andrew Wiggins happened. In the last 4 minutes Wiggins scored 8 points with two crazy And-1 opportunities and Karl Anthony-Towns also had 3 consecutive blocks on Jeff Teague to ice the game. Youth won out tonight.

Great game, people.

Other thoughts:

  • Bjelica got slapped in the face by Jeff Teague when the refs weren't looking. No foul called obviously.
  • I love how aggressive Karl was tonight driving the ball. there were many times where he could've taken the easy midrange jumper(which would be fine honestly) but instead he attacked the lane and drew a foul.
  • Probably shouldn't say this but I straight up love Atlanta's jerseys and court.
  • Which Zach will show up tomorrow night? Trash Zach or not trash Zach?
  • Great to see that Wiggins-Garnett picknpop.
  • I'll leave you with this: