Tuesday Howls - 11.24.15

by Mrs. Schweebs

Schweebs is unavailable for the Howls today so he asked me to fill in. After all these wonderful years of marriage I didn’t even know he was a diehard Timberwolves fan until about two weeks ago! I’m not exactly sure what to do here, but Wolves sure are darn cute, so I would like to share some with you!


Sorry, I was just informed that these Timberwolves Schweebs was referring to are actually a basketball team. My bad, guys!

Jerry Zgoda:

“Before his team lost its 15th consecutive game to start this season, Philadelphia coach Brett Brown recounted all the games his 76ers might have won and named the superstars who each “did his thing” by beating them come winning time, a list that includes Tim Duncan, Dirk Nowitzki and Dwyane Wade.

“And now after just 96 games into his career, is it too early to add Timberwolves young star Andrew Wiggins to such a group after Monday’s 100-95 victory, his team’s first at Target Center this season after an 0-6 start there? His Wolves trailing by six points with fewer than five minutes left, Wiggins scored 15 of his 32 points in the fourth quarter, including 11 of them in a late 18-5 run that won the game.

“’Yeah, I hope so,’” Wiggins said when asked if he can become the same kind of player whose name Brown ticked off earlier in the day. ‘Those are some of the greats. I still have a long way to go before being like them. But I’m going to work towards that and hopefully my coaches and teammates just trust me in that position.’ He might not be all that far off.


Apparently there was some kind of big rookie duel last night. I asked Schweebs about it and mumbled something like "what a bunch of horseshit I refuse to believe it"...


Schweebs should be feeling better and back to his normal routine tomorrow. Have a great day, Wolfpack!